Can I put up blinds without a drill?

Sunday, January 10, Rewind: Hope you had a great weekend! I think it was my friend AnNicole who made me aware of a similar project a couple years ago — and like always I tweaked the project she had found and simplified it a bit. It involves NO sewing. You just need to start with piece of fabric that fits the width and length of your window: I hemmed these with my BFF hemming tape you can find it at any craft store. I only use two hooks per window one on each side. The example I took this from used them down the window instead, but I think my way is easier. And a teensy bit less work! For my shades I put the cup hooks down from the top of the window about five or six inches.

How to Measure Windows for Curtains

Most people encounter the problem of having such a limited budget when they go on the task of redecorating your house. Well here is a way to decorate the windows of your house that could make your house look classy and at the same time, fit to your tight budget. One solution for this problem is to use cheap but exquisite additions to your home.

Step 1 Mounting Brackets There are different types of brackets used with box bracket installations. Bracket appearance may vary depending on size. Preparing box brackets for installation: Open the front of the bracket by pressing on the bottom of the bracket to release the locking tab while lifting the front gate. Step 2 Optional extension brackets If your blinds include optional extension brackets, temporarily assemble them to the mounting brackets at this time.

You will need to use the extension brackets to determine mounting hole locations in Steps 3 and 4. Refer to the included instructions for your style of extension brackets. Mark the bracket locations – outside mount installation Position the box brackets at each end of the headrail. When using a single center support bracket, center it between the box brackets. For more than one center support bracket, space the support brackets evenly, not more than 30″ apart.

Making sure the brackets will not interfere with the cord mechanism or any other internal parts. Mark the bracket mounting hole locations, making sure they are square and equally spaced.


Field of the Invention [ ] This invention relates to a Roman blind, particularly to one provided with an elastic device fixed in an upper case to always supply a Roman blind with rising up strength so as to enable the Roman blind manually pushed up and down without need of pull ropes. Description of the Prior Art [ ] Conventional Roman blinds generally have an upper case, a blind cloth having its upper end fixed with the lower side of the upper case, a lower rod of the blind cloth having plural pull ropes attached vertically on the inner surface and their ends fixed in the upper case.

The Roman bind cloth can be lowered down or pulled up by handling the pulling ropes. So this drawback has to be improved.

Remove the shade assembly from the installation brackets: Raise the shade all the way to compress the fabric. Loosen the tab screw on the back of each mounting bracket. Tilt the back of the headrail down to remove the rail from the brackets. Place the shade assembly on a clean work surface. If you have a steel bracket without the tab screw, the shade may be removed utilizing the same tilting action.

Some blinds are held up by a spring steel clip maybe an inch long. One side will have a lip on it, the other side does not.

How To Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains

So, how to clean blinds without breaking them? Windows and blinds collect dust and debris quite easily, which may lead to discolouration. Thoroughly cleaning your blinds is rewarding in itself though, the difference a simple clean makes is remarkable. The easiest way to clean them is using a vacuum. If your vacuum comes with a low setting, use that gently along with the brush attachment. Vacuum across slats, be sure to hold your blinds at the bottom to avoid them twisting or warping, especially when handling venetian blinds.

Pencil Here’s how you do it: First step is to measure and cut the fabric. That gave us an extra inch on each end for hemming. Do the same for the length. Next, iron the edges down about one inch and place the fusing web under the fold. Now set the fabric aside while you prep the blinds. You are going to totally de-assemble them. Start by popping off the little white clip-in pieces on the very bottom of the blinds.

There will be depending on the size of blinds you’re using. Next, untie the knot in each hole.

Easy DIY No-Sew Roman Shades

Shares 30K Hey friends! I get asked about my roman shades all the time. I decided it was time to change mine out, and I thought this would be a great time to attempt a tutorial. You should be warned…. If you can sew a straight line, you can make these.

Shop all roller blinds Simple but effective, these blinds are one of the most popular choices for those exact reasons. They’re easy to install, block out light well even better if they’re blackout and can be cleaned easily. Venetian blinds Shop all venetian blinds This stylish option consists of horizontal slats. You can control how much light is let through and the level of privacy you have by using the cord to adjust the tilt of the slats. There are different materials available, with the two most popular being metal and wood.

Metal blinds are very versatile and practical, whereas wooden blinds add instant warmth and style to your home. You can also get coloured venetian blinds if you wanted to introduce a pop of colour. Vertical blinds Shop all vertical blinds These are made of fabric vertical slats. Like venetian blinds, you can control the light and privacy of a room by how much they are tilted. Vertical blinds can also be pulled back completely, making them a great choice for sliding glass or patio doors as you can open the doors without the blind getting in the way.

They come in mainly neutral, simple colours and because of the fabric material, can give a softer, warmer feeling than metal blinds. Blackout blinds Shop all blackout blinds The most common type of blackout blinds are roller blinds that use a special blackout fabric. They’re ideal for bedrooms as they block out light more effectively, meaning less sleep disruption caused by bright light flooding in.

Like ordinary roller blinds, they come in a variety of colours and designs.

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Bosch Tacker or staple gun Add Tip Step 1: Cut all your fabric to size according to whether the blind will sit inside a window recess or on top. Add Tip Ask Question Step 2: Prepare the Fabric 2. Use an iron to press the fold over for the double 12mm hem at the sides and top.

Whereas most retailers or home improvement stores have a fixed number of options, manufacturers offer a variety of textures, designs and styles to create the window treatment that best suits you and your home. In fact, you only need to devote a few minutes of your day to make a stunning impact. When designing your window treatments, you must first decide if you want them affixed inside or outside the window frame.

As the name implies, outside mounts are installed outside the window frame, either on the window molding or just outside the casing on the wall. This is a great option if you wish to maximize sunlight, as the shade will not be directly up against the window but in front of it, allowing the light to stream through on either side for a natural appeal. If this is your preference, make sure to measure the width from the outside of the left side of window trim to the outside of the right.

You can even measure a couple of inches further if you want the blinds to be installed into the wall. The other option is installing an inside mount, which is placed inside or underneath the window casing.

How to fit a Roman blind