El Salvador’s Las 17: the women jailed for 30 years for losing their babies by miscarriage

Salvadorian girls are beautiful. I was only there for three days and I got jumped. However, the city of San Salvador can be incredible — if you stay safe. The locals you see on the streets rarely are. Yet, El Salvador is worth a trip for a couple reasons. Second, the beaches in El Salvador have great surf, are cheap and foster great nightlife on the weekends. Many travelers skip the country due to the violence, so there is not much tourism infrastructure outside of the main party beach, El Tunco. Also, you cannot skimp on staying in a place without a guard at the door. The landscape and natural aspects of El Salvador are truly stunning.

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El Salvador is a country that has so many young people. It’s easy to find hot Salvadorian girls in their early 20s. That’s what happens in a country where most people get killed before they have the chance to get a midlife crisis.

El Salvador belongs to both to the Mesoamerican region in the western part of the country, and to the Isthmo-Colombian Area in the eastern part of the country, where a myriad of indigenous societies have lived side by side for centuries with their unique cultures and speaking different indigenous languages of the Americas in the beginning of the Classic stage. The Lenca people are an indigenous people of eastern El Salvador where population today is estimated at about 37, The Lenca was a matriarchal society and was one of the first civilizations to develop in El Salvador and were the first major civilization in the country.

The pre-Conquest Salvadoran Lenca had frequent contact with various Maya groups as well as other indigenous peoples of Central America. The origin of Lenca populations has been a source of ongoing debate amongst anthropologists and historians. Throughout the regions of Lenca occupation, Lenca pottery is a very distinguishable form of Pre-Columbian art. Handcrafted by Lenca women, Lenca pottery is considered an ethnic marking of their culture. Some scholars have suggested that the Lenca migrated to the Central American region from South America around 3, years ago, making it the oldest civilization in El Salvador.

Guancasco is the annual ceremony by which Lenca communities, usually two, gather to establish reciprocal obligations in order to confirm peace and friendship.

Culture of El Salvador

Apr 15, 3: She even picked out a name: Then, on a day in late , pain shot through her back and abdomen. Vasquez says she started bleeding, but her employer wouldn’t let her leave the house to get medical care. Sick in her room and alone, she went into labor.

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The gang’s war with the Mara Salvatrucha is the main reason why sexual violence against women has dramatically increased in the Central American country. Rather, to the bodies of dead women and girls pulled from clandestine graves. Raped, battered and sometimes cut to pieces, they attest to the sadistic abuse committed by members of street gangs. The bodies of the dead women are often dumped in secret graves.

AP Even those who gather statistics say there are no reliable numbers on sexual violence in El Salvador. Threats prevent many from reporting attacks. Others who have grown up amid rampant abuse may not even recognize rape as a crime. Still others flee the country for safety rather than seek justice from a system that more often delivers impunity. In a land of lakes and volcanos, clandestine graves appear like wild mushrooms after a rainstorm.

In the evening, the cacophony of San Salvador traffic gives way to the squeals of wild parrots and, sometimes, to wails of grief for the dead. Most of the violence is the handiwork of the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street gangs, which were formed by migrants in the United States, then returned home and grew into warring forces of tens of thousands of gangsters. Carlos Tiberio Valladares, a.

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Bill Hewitt July 07, Nearly three months later her body washes up in San Francisco Bay, missing its head and several limbs. But these remains, recovered last July 24, belonged to Evelyn Hernandez, a year-old Salvadoran immigrant and single mother—not Laci Peterson. There was no saturation media coverage of the murder, no massive police investigation or hefty reward offered.

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