Social Phobia/Anxiety Case Study: Jim

Share this article Share Kirsty would speak at home with her family as a child but when she started nursery at the age of four, she became crippled by an inability to speak. Kirsty didn’t speak at school from her first day at nursery until the age of seven She recalls: I wasn’t crying, just holding on tight. I didn’t want her to leave me and was shocked that I had to stay. I remember just wanting to cry and go home with my little brother. The nursery teachers were trying their best to cheer me up or make me talk to them or the other children.

Recent Findings in Social Phobia among Children and Adolescents

The Untold Story contains approximately 3 hours of state of the art and science self -help for selective mutism. In addition it includes rare interviews with children, teens, adults, and families who have resolved the disorder. Experience at Berent Associates with thousands of anxiety sufferers since can help facilitate a functional understanding of this disorder and productive treatment.

For instance, someone with selective mutism might talk perfectly normally when home alone with their parents or other close family, but find themselves totally incapable of .

Rajesh [1] Ramayan [2] “Raj” [3] Koothrappali [4] , Ph. He often hangs out at Leonard and Sheldon ‘s apartment , though he has his own apartment the Raj Mahal in Pasadena. Raj fell in love with astronomy while attending Cambridge University [5]. He frequently portrays himself as having come from humble origins and growing up in poverty in India, only for his friends to remind him that his father is a gynecologist, drives a Bentley , and has a house full of servants.

For the first six seasons, his principal characteristic was a case of selective mutism social anxiety disorder, which did not allow him to talk to women outside of his family. This condition could be suppressed through alcohol or if he thought he was drinking alcohol or experimental social anxiety medications; however, the former usually ended up changing his personality, making him more obnoxious and overbearing, while the latter tended to have unpredictable side-effects.

At the age of 5 he discovered a celestial object which later turned out to be the moon. He also has a younger sister Priya and also 3 brothers and 1 other sister. While growing up in India, he didn’t really like it there and grew to dislike his country’s food and culture. While speaking to his then-girlfriend Lucy, he stated that he thought Cambridge University looked like Hogwarts.

After graduating with a degree in Astrophysics , he moved to Pasadena, California There, he met Howard Wolowitz who became his best friend and Howard’s mother made Raj feel welcome into their house. Although she thought he was the gardener for two years. Season 1 Raj and Howard meet Leonard and Sheldon’s new neighbor, Penny, who quickly learns of Raj’s inability to speak to women unless they’re in his family.

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Thomas and the College of St. She has over 10 years experience providing clinical and developmental services, and is also a Circle of Security Registered Parent Educator. A majority of her professional experience has been providing therapy and consultative services to young children and their families dealing with difficulties such as anxiety, attachment, depression, trauma, selective mutism, ADHD, sensory integration issues, and self regulation, both emotional and behavioral.

Julie has worked in a variety of settings, including a non-profit outpatient office, school systems, a shelter, and a day treatment center, providing both direct clinical services as well as consultation to other professionals. Throughout her work, she has found importance in building trusting relationships, and creating an atmosphere where clients feel engaged and comfortable.

Selective Mutism (SM) is a childhood psychiatric disorder characterized in the DSM IV-TR as a persistent failure to speak in social situations in which there is an expectation for speaking, despite speaking in other situations. 1 As the DSM indicates, failure to speak is not due to the child’s lack of knowledge or comfort with the language.

However, there is a difference between having separation anxiety and a separation anxiety disorder. Based on information by medical author, Dr. Children whose anxiety levels continue to be intense may have a separation anxiety disorder. Some children experience more intense anxiety than others. It is normal for toddlers to have separation anxiety, but there are steps you can take to help your child learn how to cope with it and possibly prevent it from becoming worse.

Here are some ways that you can help your child ease out of separation anxiety: Have a tradition or ritual when you leave. Selective Mutism in Toddlers: A selective mustism disorder is a social anxiety disorder characterized by being unable to speak in certain social situations and to certain people; however, most people are just labeled as shy. It can be a little difficult to tell if your child has selective mutism, but younger children with selective mutism are usually withdrawn and prefer to play alone, rather than with other children.

Also, they are excessively shy, with little to no facial expression.

What it means to have a child with selective mutism

The disorder is just as it sounds. She is capable of speech she chooses not to speak because of anxiety or shyness. Can she not speak at home, or when she’s alone? You know it’s going to be very very difficult for her. I’d give it a shot to date someone with selective mutism but I’d really really try to help them to speak to me. I’d spend days, and hours trying to help them to realize I’m not judging them and maybe I could get her fully relaxed so she could speak to me.

I have selective mutism (an anxiety disorder in which a person who is normally capable of speech is physically not able to speak in certain social situations or to specific people) and I was wondering if this would affect whether you would dated someone or not.

She is currently getting her Masters in Special Education. Her mother initiated treatment after Debbie experienced a stress breakdown at the beginning of graduate school. Because of the anxiety episode Debbie withdrew from school for a semester. In treatment Debbie was making progress with her social anxiety. She resumed her education and was functioning well at school. She was expressing herself well in classes. She started to reconnect with friends she had been avoiding for a long time.

She controlled her relationship with alcohol, which had been characterized by binge drinking to get her through social situations. She started to date. This was especially important as she had been in a co-dependent relationship for a number of years. Recently she shared a story. At one point this young man became too physically aggressive forcing Debbie to leave the car. At that point she explained that talking over the phone meant texting. This is an insidious example of how avoidance of speaking on the phone, which was a symptom of her selective mutism, lead to over-dependence on texting.

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My teenage son refuses to go to school, and I cannot just pick him up and put him in the car. Regardless the reason for the refusal, not attending school has serious academic and social consequences for children and adolescents. Selective Mutism differs from shyness which may result in an individual taking longer than typical to warm up others but once the individual has warmed up, he or she is able to interact freely both verbally and nonverbally.

The impact of Selective Mutism upon the silent individual is enormous, as he or she misses opportunities to make friends, achieve academic milestones, and participate in academic or after school activities, all of which depend on his or her willingness to speak and interact with others. When separated from their primary caretakers, these individuals fear that they or a parent will be harmed or that they will be abandoned.

The Child Mind Institute’s Selective Mutism Service is an innovative program that helps children with SM overcome their symptoms using state of the art evidence-based behavioral interventions. Diagnostic Evaluations. Before treatment begins we learn about your child’s history, development and symptoms through a diagnostic evaluation.

Alexithymia refers to an inability to identify and describe emotions in the self. Alice in Wonderland syndrome In Alice in Wonderland experience, individuals perceive objects including animals and other humans, or parts of humans, animals, or objects as appearing substantially smaller than in reality. Generally, the object appears far away or extremely close at the same time. Alternate term for this is somaesthetic aura.

Also see Lilliputian hallucinations Main article: Alliteration Alliteration is the repetition of initial consonant sounds in neighbouring words. For example, “When I struck and slapped my humble horse, he began to run rapidly. The term may refer to either “poverty of speech” or “poverty of thought”. In the former, speech, though adequate in verbiage, conveys very little information and may consist of stock phrases or vague references.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Children and adults with selective mutism are fully capable of speech and understanding language but forgo speaking in certain situations, though speech is expected of them. A child with selective mutism may be completely silent at school for years but speak quite freely or even excessively at home.

Selective mutism is a type of anxiety disorder whose main distinguishing characteristic is the persistent failure to speak in specific social situations (e.g., at school or with playmates) where.

Allen is a licensed neuropsychologist, a certified brain injury specialist, and a New Jersey certified school psychologist. She specializes in making brain-based research accessible and usable to families and schools. She lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and two young children, who are a constant source of inspiration. He has been in practice for 25 years. Since then, thousands of patients have participated in the program, achieving significant results in improving cardiac wellness.

Community Health Care Center. He received his B. He is board certified in family practice and osteopathic manipulative treatment from the American College of Osteopathic Physicians. He is also a partner with Symetrix Sports Performance where he specializes in injury prevention. He presents frequently on sports medicine, movement dysfunction, and throwing injuries. Previously, she owned Healthy Bites to Go, a locally sourced cafe and meal delivery service for eight years. He was previously a professor of pediatrics at Thomas Jefferson University.

He has a particular interest in food and environmental allergies and bone immunology. She is a licensed clinical psychologist in Pennsylvania and New York with expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy for children, adolescents, and young adults.

Guys, would you date a girl with selective mutism?

The first step is for teachers to talk to parents to find out about how the child communicates at home. Pupils who have a language other than English as their first language, and who are being exposed to English for the first time in the education setting, go through a ‘silent’ period. This can last for months whilst they absorb the new language around them and teachers can find out if this may be the cause for the silence by: Is this the child’s first real exposure to English?

Selective mutism is a childhood anxiety disorder that is diagnosed when a child consistently does not speak in some situations, but speaks comfortably in other situations. These children are unable to speak in certain social situations where there is a demand to speak, such as at school, at dance class, at soccer practice, or at the corner store.

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Zimbardo emphasizes that good apples in bad barrels end up bad, and the importance of ‘the system ‘and social pressures and reinforcers. Beck focuses on individual belief as the basis for behavior, and strives to fix dysfunctional beliefs which he explores, in his efforts at cognitive restructuring, the essence of his cognitive behavior.

He also has some evidence of a way to bring people together successfully, if they’ll agree to it. You can find several pages on Zimbardo and Ellis on this site. New for , Beck at 93 recently reflected on advances in CT, has been energized by successes with CT as a humanistic and promising approach for schizophrenia, and has some clear ideas on ways to bring about peace, where behavior is now blinded by equal hate – and bad barrels – everywhere.

Zimbardo meanwhile is continuing to ‘mend his evil ways’ and look at what makes the heroic good apples imagine good.

Meet the child who suffers from selective mutism and will not speak

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Selective mutism is strongly associated with other anxiety disorders, particularly social anxiety disorder. In fact, the majority of children diagnosed with selective mutism also have social anxiety disorder (% of participants in two studies and 97% in another).

Jim by Thomas A. He could trace his shyness to boyhood and his social anxiety to his teenage years. He had married a girl he knew well from high school and had almost no other dating history. He and his wife, Lesley, had three children, two girls and a boy. At our first meeting, Jim was very shy and averted his eyes from me, but he did shake hands, respond, and smile a genuine smile.

A few minutes into our session and Jim was noticeably more relaxed. After I got married, my wife started taking over all of the daily, family responsibilities and I was more than glad to let her. If there was a parent-teacher conference to go to, Lesley went to it. If Jim had something coming up, Lesley would make all the social arrangements.

Resolve Selective Mutism

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Selective Mutism Creates Dating Challenge for High Functioning Female with Social Anxiety “Debbie” is a 24 year old athletic blond with hundreds of young men pursuing her on a dating site. She is currently getting her Masters in Special Education.

Tweet Pin Selective mutism is commonly associated with children, meaning the adults who suffer from it often struggle to find the support they need. According to the NHS , selective mutism “prevents children speaking in certain social situations, such as school lessons or in public”, but it does acknowledge that if left untreated it can continue into adulthood.

For year-old Sabrina Branwood from Rochdale, the disorder makes it impossible for her to talk in certain social situations. She used an app on her tablet to share her story with BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, revealing that “when people ask me questions, my anxiety makes it hard to think”. Sadly, Sabrina’s phobia also makes it difficult to talk to certain people, including close family members.

After her grandmother had a stroke, Sabrina became so anxious she was unable to talk to her, and was unable to tell her directly that she loved her before she died. I’m not silent because I don’t want to talk. I would rather talk freely but it’s very difficult and complicated.

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